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Theories of Personality 11E By Schultz 9789814834360

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Table of Contents

1. Studying Personality: Assessment, Research, and Theory.
2. Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalysis.
3. Carl Jung: Analytical Psychology.
4. Alfred Adler: Individual Psychology.
5. Karen Horney: Neurotic Needs and Trends.
6. Erik Erikson: Identity Theory.
7. Gordon Allport: Motivation and Personality.
8. Raymond Cattell, Hans Eysenck, and Other Trait Theorists.
9. Abraham Maslow: Needs-Hierarchy Theory.
10. Carl Rogers: Self-Actualization Theory.
11. George Kelly: Personal Construct Theory.
12. B. F. Skinner: Reinforcement Theory.
13. Albert Bandura: Modeling Theory.
14. Mini-Theories: Locus of Control, Sensation Seeking, Learned Helplessness, Optimism/Pessimism, Positive Psychology, Happiness and Success.
15. Personality in Perspective.

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