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Strategic Human Resource Management by Mark Saunders , Mike Millmore 9780273681632

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Strategy and Human Resource Management

Chapter 2 - Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): a vital piece in the jigsaw of organisational success?

Chapter 3 – SHRM in a changing and shrinking world: internationalisation of business and the role of SHRM.

Chapter 4 - Evaluating Strategic Human Resource Management: why bother and does it really happen in practice?

Chapter 5 – The role of organisational structure in SRHM: the basis for effectiveness?

Chapter 6 - Relationships between Culture and Strategic Human Resource Management: do values have consequences?

Chapter 7 - Strategic Human Resource Planning – the weakest link?

Chapter 8 - Strategic Recruitment & Selection: much ado about nothing?

Chapter 9 - Performance Management: so much more than annual appraisal

Chapter 10 - Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD): pot of gold or chasing rainbows?

Chapter 11 - Strategic Reward Management: Cinderella is on her way to the ball

Chapter 12 - Managing the Employment Relationship: Strategic Rhetoric and Operational Reality

Chapter 13 - Diversity Management: concern for legislation, concern for strategy?

Chapter 14 - Downsizing: proactive strategy or reactive workforce reduction?

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