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M: Economics, the Basics by Mandel 9781260570571

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Table of Contents 

Ch 01: Introduction 

Ch 02: Prices, Buyers, and Sellers 

Ch 03: Matching Supply and Demand 

Ch 04: The Nature of Business 

Ch 05: Perfect Competition 

Ch 06: Historical Background 

Ch 07: Measuring the Economy 

Ch 08: The Basics of Inflation 

Ch 09: The Significance of Growth 

Ch 10: Potential Versus Real Gdp 

Ch 11: The Government and the Economy 

Ch 12: The Uses of Money 

Ch 13: The Market for Loans 

Ch 14: The Nature of International Trade 

Ch 15: The Nature of Technological Change 

Ch 16: The Basics of the Labor Market 

Ch 17: The Basics of Income Distribution 

Ch 18: The Basics of Retirement 

Ch 19: The Basics of Energy Consumption and Supply

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