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Business Research Methods 14E Pamela Schindler 9781264704651

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Table of contents

Part I: Building the Foundation for Research

Chapter 1: Research Foundations and Fundamentals

Chapter 2: The Research Process: An Overview

Chapter 3: Stage 1: Clarify the Research Question

Part II: The Design of Business Research

Chapter 4: Stage 2: Research Design, An Overview

Chapter 5: Stage 2: Sampling Design

Appendix: Calculate the Sample Size

Chapter 6: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Qualitative Research

Chapter 7: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Observation Research

Chapter 8: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Experiments

Chapter 9: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Survey Research

Part III: Measurement

Chapter 10: Stage 3: Measurement Foundations

Chapter 11: Stage 3: Measurement Questions

Appendix: Sources of Measurement Questions

Chapter 12: Stage 3: Measurement Instruments

Part IV: Collect, Prepare, and Examine the Data

Chapter 13: Stage 3: Collect, Prepare, and Examine Data

Appendix: Better Tables

Appendix: Review: Describing Data Statistically

Part V: Analyze and Interpret Data

Chapter 14: Stage 4: Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 15: Stage 4: Measures of Association

Part VI: Stage 5: Report the Research

Chapter 16: Stage 5: Research Reports: Support Insights and Recommendations

Appendix: Better Reports

Part VII: Research Project Overview

Chapter 17: An Integrated Example?

Case Index


A Business Research Proposals and RFPs (with Sample RFP)

B Focus Group Discussion Guide

C Nonparametric Significance Tests

D Selected Statistical Tables

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