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Go! Chinese 1, 2e Student Textbook By Julie Lo 9789814889322

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Pinyin 拼音
Lesson 1 Two Three 一二三
Lesson 2 How Are You? 你好吗?
Lesson 3 Thank You! 谢谢你!
Lesson 4 What Is Your Last Name? 姓什么?
Lesson 5 What Day Is Today? 星期几?
Lesson 6 How Many People Are There in Your Family? 几个人?
Lesson 7 How Much Is This? 多少钱?
Lesson 8 What Time Is It? 几点钟?
Lesson 9 Making a Phone Call 打电话
Lesson 10 A Good Teacher 好老师
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Go! Chinese now comes with a second edition offering new and improved content! As a multi-level, fully integrated Chinese language program, it is specially designed for students in elementary schools with little or no Chinese background. Students will develop all four language skills across the three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational) while gaining an appreciation of Chinese culture. They will also have opportunities to compare different cultures, make connections with other discipline areas, and extend their learning experiences to their homes and communities. Go! Chinese Textbook 1 offers 10 beautifully illustrated lessons focusing on topics relevant to the everyday life. Each lesson introduces basic vocabulary and simple sentence structures with emphasis on listening and speaking. Activities such as role play, interviews, games, pair work, and language exchanges are incorporated to allow students to communicate in meaningful contexts. Go! Chinese Workbook 1 offers 10 lessons and two review units featuring a wide variety of practices with emphasis on reading and writing.

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