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(EBook) Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences by Raymond A. Barnett 9781292264295

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  • Digital  | 664 pages
  • 218 x 277 x 25mm | 1,220g
  • Harlow, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 14th edition
  • 9781292264295 

1 Functions and Graphs  
2. Mathematics of Finance
3. Systems of Linear Equations; Matrices
4. Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming
5. Linear Programming: The Simplex Method
6. Logic, Sets, and Counting
7. Probability
8. Markov Chains
9. Data Description and Probability Distributions
10. Games and Decisions (online)

Appendix A: Linear Equations and Graphs
A.1 Linear Equations and Inequalities
A.2 Graphs and Lines
A.3 Linear Regression

Appendix B: Basic Algebra Review
B.1 Real Numbers
B.2 Operations on Polynomials
B.3 Factoring Polynomials
B.4 Operations on Rational Expressions
B.5 Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation
B.6 Rational Exponents and Radicals
B.7 Quadratic Equations

Appendix C:  Special Topics (online)  
C.1 Sequences, Series, and Summation Notation
C.2 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
C.3 Binomial Theorem

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