Economics for Today 6E by Allan Layton 9780170410830

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Table of Contents 

1 Thinking like an economist
Appendix to Chapter 1: Applying graphs to economics
2 Production possibilities and opportunity cost
3 Market demand and supply
4 Markets in action
5 Elasticity of demand and supply
6 Production costs
7 Perfect competition
8 Monopoly
9 Monopolistic competition and oligopoly
10 Policy Issues
11 Measuring the size of the economy
12 Business cycles and economic growth
13 Inflation and unemployment
14 A simple model of the macro economy
15 The monetary and financial system
16 Macroeconomic policy I: monetary policy
17 Macroeconomic policy II: fiscal policy
18 International trade and finance
19 Macroeconomics Policy issues (Capstone)

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