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Rise and Shine American Level 1 Workbook with eBook 9781292398792

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Rise and Shine is a seven-level primary course that develops language alongside global citizenship and future skills. Fun characters, relatable stories and real-life videos support clear, child-friendly learning objectives that motivate students on their English learning journey. Clear, structured lessons build to a final unit project and offer real opportunities to achieve, track and measure progress, encouraging students to think about and take ownership of their own learning.

  • Story-based course with fun characters

Each level takes place in a different setting that is relatable to students but offers opportunities to explore.

  • Support global citizenship and future skills development

Each unit has a different global citizenship focus that encourages students to think about global Rise and Shine and local issues, with emphasis on cultural awareness, empathy and social emotional skills development. The overarching unit topics have been developed with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Inclusive classroom

Especially developed to support every student to achieve their best and to provide teachers with the tools to recognize and assess progress for individual students at every stage.

  • Clear progress and accessible learning outcomes

With the Global Scale of English learning objectives embedded, each unit follows five stages, signposted by colored stepping stones, so students are always aware of their learning goals for the unit and can chart their progress at the end of each stage of the unit through a clear ‘I can shine’ activity.

  • Sufficient digital resources for teachers and students

For teachers: Presentation tool, Assignable homework activities, SB/WB eBooks, Audio, Video, online assessment pack with Test Generator, and more For students: eBook, Audio, Video, online practice, game

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