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(EBook) International Organization and Global Governance 2e By Weiss 9781138236585

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Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Contextualizing International Organization and Global Governance

Part Introduction

1. The Emergence of Global Governance

2. The Evolution of International Law

3. International Organizations and the Diffusion of Power

4. The Diffusion of Authority

5. Who Governs the Globe?

Part III: Theories of International Organization and Global Governance

Part Introduction

6. Realism

7. Classical Liberal Internationalism

8. Liberal Institutionalism

9. Rational Choice: From Principal–Agent to Orchestration Theory

10. Constructivism

11. Critical Theory

12. Marxism

13. Feminism

14. Post-structuralism

15. Decoloniality: (Re)Making Worlds

Part IV: States and International Institutions in Global Governance

Part Introduction

16. The UN System

17. The UN General Assembly

18. Regional Governance and Regional Organizations

19. The European Union

20. The BRICs in the Evolving Architecture of Global Governance

21. The Global South

22. US Hegemony

23. China and Global Governance

Part V: Non-State Actors in Global Governance

24. Global Corporations

25. Civil Society and NGOs

26. Labor

27. Credit Rating Agencies

28. Think Tanks and Global Policy Networks

29. Global Philanthropy

30. Private Military and Security Companies

31. Transnational Criminal Networks

Part VI: Securing the World, Governing Humanity

32. UN Security Council and Peace Operations

33. Regional Organizations and Global Security Governance

34. Weapons of Mass Destruction

35. Counterterrorism Cooperation and Global Governance

36. Human Rights

37. The Pursuit of International Justice

38. Humanitarian Intervention and R2P

39. Crisis and Humanitarian Containment

40. Post-conflict Peacebuilding

41. Human Security as a Global Public Good

Part VII: Governing the Economic and Social World

42. Global Financial Governance

43. Global Trade Governance

44. Global Development Governance

45. Global Environmental Governance

46. Regional Development Banks and Global Governance

47. Climate Change

48. Sustainable Development Governance

49. Global Energy Governance

50. Poverty Reduction

51. Food and Hunger

52. Global Health Governance

53. Refugees and Migrants

54. Global Internet Governance

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